Dunwoody College

Celebrating a Different Brain

Dunwoody has been a talent pipeline for crucial Minnesota industries for more than a century. It’s provided profitable livelihoods for thousands of people, and shaped some of the most recognizable names in the construction, automotive, and technical industries in town.

Yet they were suffering from a self-esteem problem. Plagued by old trade-school perceptions, they weren’t clearly communicating the hands-on playground that lives inside their walls today.

We spent time with the board, alumni, guidance counselors, prospective students—you name it. We dove into enrollment data. We made discoveries about competitive advantages, incredible did-you-knows and how-come-you-never-saids that restored pride and we developed a new positioning to help them reclaim their rightful space in the education landscape.

Because Dunwoody, as it turns out, is about celebrating a different kind of brain. Students who got a sneak peek overwhelmingly said, “This is me. This makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel I’m absolutely in the right place.”

Institutional pride is back on the honor roll.


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