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Maggie Shea, Founding Partner, HotHouse Collaborative Kelly Bent, Business & Brand Strategist, HotHouse Collaborative

Maggie Shea

Founder / Chief Strategist

Maggie’s a seasoned brand-builder and marketing expert. She went from director-level gigs in strategy and marketing communications on the client side to doing two jobs at Fallon Worldwide at once: Global Group Director on Citibank in North America, Europe, and Japan while also serving as Head of Account Services. (Not surprisingly, she can pinpoint this as the time period in which her coffee obsession really took off.) Ever the achiever, she also served on Fallon’s Management Committee. And she led genius teams that won plenty of big awards for results and creativity, including the agency’s first Emmy.

Maggie founded HotHouse Collaborative so she could really focus on what she does best: brand-building and strategy. Her extensive experience with boutique and blue-chip brands and reputation for driving business has transformed her from consultant to consigliere for many of her clients, helping them re-think their brand strategies and re-imagine their business opportunities.