Alora Ambiance

Bringing the Inside Out

Alora Ambiance Consumer Panels

Minneapolis–based Alora Ambiance is one of those amazing, quiet empires. The owners, two sisters, launched the reed diffuser category in the United States in 2000.

People went crazy for Alora products—and competitors quickly noticed. Store shelves started to crowd with options whose ingredients and performance were inferior to Alora, but presented beautifully.

We sent our panelists out to mystery-shop boutiques around the country. We interviewed buyers, shop owners, and longtime customers. They all raved—and agreed: Alora was the best product on the market but sometimes got lost on the shelf.

Alora decided to fight back with a package refresh that felt as luxurious and exceptional as the Alora products themselves—packaging that differentiates on the shelves of the toniest boutiques and shops nationwide—including Barney’s.

The end result? A new way to present Alora to the world. Steeped in their original equities, proudly proclaiming their inimitable style.


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